Terms of Service

I. The Provisions of Services

Welcome to the MabukDuit application, service provisions is regulations that regulate the use of MabukDuit services. We have the right to all the time change, add, turned or reducing the provision MabukDuit services without the consent of the users. We pledge you to ensure continued periodically to read and understand the provisions MabukDuit services before using it. Using MabukDuit application, means you understand and agree and bound with the provisions of privacy and the provisions of the services that determined by MabukDuit. Privacy provisions service is valid during MabukDuit application operates.

II. The Condition and service provisions

1. With access and / or using MabukDuit application services, then you have agreed to subject to all regulations privacy services and provisions determined by MabukDuit, and continue to be rectified from time to time including done replacement , change , additional , and / or reduction the service terms and conditions that in accordance with the provision regulation in Indonesia.

2. By using MabukDuit services means that you must have approved all regulations privacy, the provision of service and legally you are bound stipulated for privacy and provisions of this service so that there has been an agreement or covenant between you and MabukDuit. Hence we pledge to give you a read and understand the provisions and provisions privacy services at regular intervals including any change, the addition of and / or replacement. If you do not want to submit to privacy provisions and provisions services set by MabukDuit, we suggest you not to use or access the services provided that was found on the MabukDuit application.

3. The Service might include access to a product or a service provided by a third party, either directly or through MabukDuit application that is operated by a third party. You agreed that MabukDuit will not be responsible for all sorts of damage or loss due to the transaction between you and the third party, even though it relates to the product or service that we grasp and might contain our trademark.

4. By installing MabukDuit application, it means that you have understood and agree to receive any information sent by MabukDuit periodically through media including but not limited to SMS and e-mail.

5. Unless expressly stated on the contrary, none of the information presented in the service of or relating to product or service of any as part of this service, regarded as an offer of binding that we give or third parties related. The information is an invitation to you to make an order. Pertaining to a contract to products and services offered by third parties through this service, MabukDuit will not responsible as for all the interaction between you and the third party.

6. MabukDuit has the right from time to time to change or stop, on temporary or permanently, either partially or wholly and you agreed that MabukDuit will not be responsible to you or any third party for all changes, or the termination of the provision of this service.

III. Material and Intellectual Property Rights

1. You agree that all trademark, brand name, service brand,MabukDuit logo and the name of other products and other MabukDuit services (“MabukDuit Brand”) is owned by MabukDuit and providers of the license, purveyor, provider, parent company, or management company business and holding us. You are not permitted to install or use in any way MabukDuit brand by without the consent of MabukDuit , giver license, purveyor, provider, a holding company or business managers.

2. In relation to this you know that any information, software, music, sound, photo, picture, video, message, a sign, and/or other material (“Material”), well fitted to the public or sent in private, is personal responsibility. Parties that presents or submit such matter in relation to this, are not justified or forbidden to use, plowing or distribute, scored and preaching back, uploads and / or install and/ or overspread material in any way without approval from the holders of rights over materials to appropriate provisions and regulations.

3. You are in agreement not to use the application or service, including but not limited to:

4. You know that MabukDuit can or cannot sift or filter material beforehand, however MabukDuit / or the party appointed entitled (but not obligated) in accordance with its policies to look beforehand refuse, to include, or excrete matter sent or available in service of MabukDuit application. Over its own policies, MabukDuit and/or the party appointed entitled to excrete matter (both those of you or not), that has been assumed unlawful (including although not limited to Intellectual property right law) or provisions the use of MabukDuit application, without it there is a duty to replace all loss of any kind have experienced by you due to the removal of such matter.

IV. Limitation of Liability

1. MabukDuit released and discharged from all demands, a lawsuit, and / or the losses suffered by you caused by, including but not limited to, failure of the functions, error, omission, interruption, defect, the time delay (a delay transmission, computer virus, on the dotted the internet network, or resulting from certain of use and unawareness in making use of the material. Which is found in all this application including inability or failure to access this application.

2. It is important to note that input, proposal, idea, picture and / or scheme or other information that is communicated (“advice”) by you through the application of this is going to be possessed by MabukDuit exclusively. Pertaining to the exclusive right of MabukDuit, MabukDuit are entitled to reproduce, use, notify or allot that suggestion without restriction and without any liability to pay compensation to you. You are hereby know and responsible that advice given to MabukDuit is a native, not contrary to law, it was not the lies, do not conflict with decency and deserving, and does not violate judge intellectual property right belonging to other parties.

3. With respect to the status of advice, then MabukDuit should not treat advice as information that should be protected, and you voluntarily freeing MabukDuit of all the responsibility of that is concerned with advice Including but not limited, in terms of if one day it was found that the product, promotion idea and / or advertising conducted by MabukDuit in their operational activities having a resemblance in certain either partially or completely.

V. Denial Accountability

1. This Denial can be expressed not valid in terms of the applicable law and did not allow any exception to the form of guarantee is not given in a resolute manner.

2. This application can contain material that can be download by you or link to the application to another site , where MabukDuit is not liable over and / or have no control over the material that is loaded at the application of other. MabukDuit not giving assurance in form and / or anything over a type of material obtained from the application of these other through this application , including but not limited to , free or advisability of material from various kinds of viruses that can be destructive and injurious to your cell phone. Because of the criminal act of fraud and extortion / or that could happen , then firmly MabukDuit has no responsibility in terms of the use of names , reputation , trademark and / or MabukDuit logo whose performed by other parties without the consent in writing beforehand of MabukDuit , so it cause material or mad to others.

VI. Obligation of MabukDuit “user”

1. “User” is not allowed to conduct actions as follows:

2. "Users" are required to confirm and comply with the terms and conditions, policy, and announcement set by MabukDuit.

3. Related with MabukDuit usage, “users” shall manage not to lose, lend, or grant their SIM CARD, mobile phone, tablet PC, and other mobile devices to others. MabukDuit shall not responsible towards any problems arising out of lost, rental, or grant of the user’s handset to other parties.

VII. Termination and Restriction of Service Usage

1. Termination of Service Usage.

2. MabukDuit has the right to terminate contracts in case the “user” violates “user” obligations set forth in this terms of service, or violates current law, and/or intentionally, or doing gross negligence that inflicting damages to MabukDuit.

3. In case of termination of contract is made by MabukDuit, MabukDuit shall notify the “user by methods such as sending e-mail or text messages to the "user".

4. Once membership withdrawal is made, the related SIM CARD account could not reactivate again permanently.

VII. Restriction of Service Usage (BLOCK)

1. MabukDuit might restrict MabukDuit usage towards user who violates user “obligation” terms.

2. MabukDuit shall not compensate any damages occurs due to blockage that is suffered by “user” who is legitimately get restriction of MabukDuit usage.

3. in case information, such as Cash or goods is obtained through methods that is not approved by MabukDuit, MabukDuit might take the necessary measures such as block, and withdraw Cash or goods that is given.

4. MabukDuit might stop the service to a “user” until investigation of matters mentioned as follows is complete.

IX. Procedures to raise an objection on restriction of use

1. “users” might submit an objection through email to taskbox2020@gmail.com within 15 days after occurrance of restriction of usage towards procedures made by MabukDuit about blockage.

2. MabukDuit shall proceed any justified complaints or objections raised from “user” within a reasonable period of time. However, in case a long period of time is required for processing, MabukDuit shall notify “user” about the reason and the schedule of settlement through website announcement, e-mail, phone, SMS, etc.

3. MabukDuit shall take appropriate measures in accordance with the result occur from the above treatment.

X. Territory Law (Jurisdiction)

The provision use of this application subject to, arranged, and interpreted according to the laws and regulations in Indonesia. You ensure that you only going to use the application and services that was found in the application in accordance with the provision of the law force in Indonesia. In the event of stipulation on the application that have not been valid by law, then for other provision apart from the provision that have not been, expressly stated remain binding for you.

XI. Other

All the information contained in this application is true when loaded in this application and MabukDuit have the full right to change, increase and/ or replace information in its application from time to time because of internet globalization. You agreed to obey the rules applicable on the act of online act, protection/data privacy and material that can be allowed. You are hereby agreed to obey all the law in force on technical data transmission, including Indonesia or from your origin. Except otherwise stated by MabukDuit, the whole material published in this application was aiming to give information about MabukDuit, a service in their business activities and material that can be used by you.